New Year’s Day 2018

New Year's Day 2018
New Year’s Day 2018

Name of doodle: New Year’s Day 2018
This doodle was shown: 01.01.2018
This is global doodle. It was shown for all countries
Keyword for this doodle: New Year’s Day 2018 , New Year’s Day, Feliz Aninovo 2018!, Täze Ýylyňyz gutly bolsun!, Anul Nou, 2018ko urteberri-egun zoriontsua!, Uue aasta esimene päev, Новы год 2017, Tahun Baru 2018, নতুন বছরের প্রথম দিন, nova godina, Feliz Ano Novo, Ամանոր 2017, Yangi yil, Нова година 2018, Nýársdagur 2018, العام الجديد, Yeni Il Günü 2018
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