एलेना कोर्नारो पिस्कोपिया

एलेना कोरनारो पिस्कोपिया की 373वीं जयंती
एलेना कोर्नारो पिस्कोपिया

Doodle का नाम: एलेना कोरनारो पिस्कोपिया की 373वीं जयंती
Doodle दिखाया गया था: 05.06.2019
देशों में जो doodle दिखाया गया था,: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Czechia, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Vietnam
खोजशब्द के लिए इस doodle: एलेना कोर्नारो पिस्कोपिया
Doodle छवि के लिए लिंक: http://www.google.com/logos/doodles/2019/elena-cornaro-piscopias-373rd-birthday-5158686585520128-l.png

“एलेना कोर्नारो पिस्कोपिया” पर 8 विचार

  1. Bhai Eid se doodle Ka kya Lena dena
    Ye pahli mahila hai jisne PhD ki degree li thi isase aur mahilae prerit hoti hai age padhne ke liye..

  2. Google shows things which are the source of inspiration for everyone, there is no point in the festival of any religion.

  3. this doddle is good but this individual person is not important our motherlike environment by it only we are alive as today is world enviroment day.

  4. Honble SriPRAMOD sawant Ji chief Minister of Goa. Sir im the same Pramod who was at lucknow Secretariat at the day of Honble you & Late Sri Manohar Parrikar & his nomination day we were in lift & I escorted u both at venue.u both have invited me at ur respective places.I have already sent u the whole report. & greetings thereafter .Regards Sir.

  5. Sir my son & his family have come today at Goa it would be ur esteemed kindness if u kindly issue necessary instructions to ur staff to kindly look & provide accomodation & transport if it suits ur kindself I will instruct my son to atleast pay courtesy call to u Sir.Regards. Pramod Albert Deane.

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