Fazlur Rahman Khan

Fazlur Rahman Khan’s 88th Birthday
Fazlur Rahman Khan

Name of doodle: Fazlur Rahman Khan’s 88th Birthday
This doodle was shown: 03.04.2017
Countries, in which doodle was shown: Bangladesh, Belarus, Colombia, Cuba, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States
Keyword for this doodle: Fazlur Rahman Khan, Фазлур Рахман Хан, Fazlur Rahman Khan, Fazlur Rahman Khan, ফজ্লুর রহমান খান, Fazlur Rahman Khan
Link to doodle image: http://www.google.com/logos/doodles/2017/fazlur-rahman-khans-88th-birthday-5637846806298624.3-hp.jpg

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