Elizabeth Blackwell

Elizabeth Blackwell’s 197th Birthday
Elizabeth Blackwell

Name of doodle: Elizabeth Blackwell’s 197th Birthday
This doodle was shown: 03.02.2018
Countries, in which doodle was shown: Ireland, United Kingdom, United States
Keyword for this doodle: Elizabeth Blackwell
Link to doodle image: http://www.google.com/logos/doodles/2018/elizabeth-blackwells-197th-birthday-5658618786480128-l.png

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  1. There isn’t a single pro-choice perspective from either this article, or the article about the Women’s March. The one quote about abortion rights from the Women’s March article is from someone who is not pro-choice. Darling is being applauded for “including both sides” when in fact, there is no mention of why pro-choice women are pro-choice, in either article. For this reason, it feels divisive, like Darling actually wants to send a pro-life message. Why not interview women who have had abortions? Hear their stories? Don’t just quote a woman that says it is “modern day slavery” without hearing from a woman who chose to have an abortion. This is difficult subject matter, but wasn’t covered appropriately. Empathize with readers who have had abortions, please.

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