Earth Day 2013

Earth Day 2013
Earth Day 2013

Name of doodle: Earth Day 2013
This doodle was shown: 22.04.2013
This is global doodle. It was shown for all countries
Keyword for this doodle: Aardedag 2013, የዓለም ቀን 2013, יום כדור הארץ 2013, Lurraren eguna 2013, يوم الأرض العالمي, Lá an Domhain 2013, Maa päev, Día da terra 2013, Yer Günü 2013, jordens dag, Dagur jarðar 2013, பூமி தினம், Hari Bumi 2013, Jounen Tè, Dan planeta Zemlje 2013., Dia da Terra 2013, Earth Day 2013, Ден на планетата Земја 2013, पृथ्वी दिन २०१३
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